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Rehan Haider
Passwords need to be secure with increase in hacks

773 million emails affected in the largest breach ever

A breach detection service, HaveIBeenPwned.com, has uncovered the largest ever known breach that includes 773 million unique email addresses and ...
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MIT Electricity Producing Bacteria

MIT Engineers have created electricity-producing bacteria

MIT Engineers have developed a method to screen bacteria based on their ability to generate electricityThe method can be potentially ...
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Facebook privacy

Without consent, 20+ popular apps are sending your data to FB

A research published by Privacy International has found that over 61% of the 34 popular Android apps are sending user ...
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Model DAC Plant

Suck CO2 out of the air as global warming solution: Research

In a race against time to come up with solutions for global warming, a group of researchers have come up ...
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What's wrong with Huawei, and why are countries banning the Chinese firm?

What’s wrong with Huawei, and why are countries banning the Chinese firm?

Frank J. Cilluffo, Auburn University and Sharon L. Cardash, Auburn University The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is under scrutiny around ...
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InSight has deployed the first sensor on Mars

After weeks of testing its sensor modules, following the landing in November, NASA's InSight has deployed the seismography instrument on ...
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Facebook home page

Facebook’s dirty bag of tricks revealed by seized documents

Revealed in a cached of internal documents siezed by UK parliamentWe look at highlights and other controversies surrounding Facebook Facebook's ...
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DeepMind playing game

DeepMind becomes the first AI to learn to play a game by itself

DeepMind is the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) division of Alphabet is known for creating AlphaGo, a program that beat a ...
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security hacker

Kubernetes’ biggest security flaw yet discovered

Kubernetes has disclosed a major priviledge escalation flaw The flaw has been assigned CVE identifier CVE-2018-1002105 Kubernetes, the widely loved ...
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Google Play Interface

If you’re an Indian, these apps are spying on you

After installing an app, most of us blindly grant all the permissions that the app asks for. If you are ...
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