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AWS Solutions Architect Associate – 800+ Practice Questions & Dumps

I recently appeared for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, and after searching the entire internet I couldn’t find any reliable source of dumps.

Most of what I found had either incorrect answers or simply seemed to be too easy for a certification.

So, I turned towards Amazon to see if there is any good ebook, and yes, we found one.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate - 800+ Practice Questions & Dumps 1

Of all the books I checked out, this was by far the most comprehensive, well structured and correct book that I found.

I read through about 400-500 quetions and got 87% pass marks.

Key Features of the book

  1. Navigation: It has the questions & answers separated out in two different sections and has easy links to navigate to and fro.
  2. Answers are hidden: Because of the seprate sections, you cannot see the answers till you click See Answer link.
  3. Explanations that builds concepts: Extremely detailed explanations that will help build the concepts
  4. Accuracy: I double check almost 100 answers, and all of them were absolutely correct. This makes it very unique since several books had many errors as pointed out by the reviewers
  5. Extremely inexpensive: The book is FREE of cost if you have Kindle Unlimited. Even if you don’t at $4.99, it is a steal compared to several websites online that charge $30-$70 dollars for dumps that are unreliable, and also sometimes just fraud.

Where to get the book

You can either search for the product code on Amazon by searching “B07YG6NNW3“.

Also you can get it from below link.

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