Image compression just became Open-Source courtesy Google

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In its continued effort to made internet faster, Google today at Chrome Dev Summit launched an image compression algorithm aptly name “Squoosh“.

Google claims to use some of the best-in-class codecs to make the images significantly smaller, and Squoosh allows the user to do that right in the browser where you can upload an image, make the selections to compress the image and then download the finished product.

The $725 billion tech giant has also uploaded the source code for Squoosh on GitHub.

Squoosh demo a red fox
The difference in quality between the original image (left of the divider) and the compressed (right)

The tool which can be launched directly in the browser, or downloaded from GitHub and installed on a Linux server, support several image formats capable of displaying on the web. These include MozJPEG, OptiPNG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP.

The app was developed under the Google Chrome Labs which publishes experiments that were done by the team. The Google Chrome Labs is known for the Progressive Web App framework, among many others experiments that are published on GitHub.

The Google Chrome Labs team didn’t set out to build an image compression tool, instead, their┬ámain objective was to explore if a web app that has to handle large non-trivial workload can also have a smooth UI. Squoosh was born out of that, and it showcases instant loading, and a smooth UI even when doing heavy work.

Squoosh is available on almost all browsers and platforms and can be accessed from this link.

Source code is hosted on GitHub and can be downloaded from this link.

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