Samsung to beat Apple to market for 5G Phones

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Samsung is close to releasing its 5G phone in 2019

Samsung has been on fire this year, with their preview of the three Infinity Displays and the first look of its foldable phones. Seems they are not done yet.

Samsung has announced, in partnership with Verizon their plan to launch what is likely to be one of the first 5G phones in the first half of 2019. And the proof of concept is already underway.

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Samsung’s 5G phone will be based on the X50 5G Modem

The phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Mobile Platform and will run a X50 5G NR Modem.

The launch is scheduled to coincide with Verizon’s 5G mobility service launch schedule to go live in early 2019. Verizon has launched the first commercial 5G service last month with 5G Home whcih went live in 4 USA cities.

This marks the growing partnership between Verizon and Samsung in 5G space with Samsung an active contributor with Verizon in developing the 5G standards. Samsung also had demonstrated a 5G home router as early as 2017/

Apple will wait till 2020

Samsung’s main competitor, Apple has stated earlier about its plans to launch a 5G phone using Intel’s 5G modem in 2020, has stated that they remain on track and won’t hasten their launch.

It is not clear if Samsung will partner with other wireless providers, and also if the phones will be part of the Galaxy series or not with most analysts believing that Samsung might launch a new line of phones.

Samsung’s mobile chief had told Korean reporters that they may launch a phone in Korea which maybe the first 5G phone, meaning the Samsung-Verizon partnered phone might not be the first phone with 5G capability.

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