No, OnePlus will not be the first to launch a 5G phone

Snapdragon 855
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  • OnePlus CEO had announced at Qualcomm’s Tech Summit in Hawaii
  • Snapdragon launched  it’s 5G Chipset Snapdragon 855

The excitement of OnePlus aficionados on the announcement by Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus was short lived as OnePlus confirmed that the 2019 version of the flagship will be “one of the first” and not “the first” 5G phones based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 5G chipset.

The Snapdragon 855 5G Chipset was launched at the Qualcomm Tech Summit in Hawaii saw Pete Lau who is the CEO of the flagship brand OnePlus make the announcement that got the fans excited. However, it didn’t last long as OnePlus confirmed it was an internal mistake.

A case of mistaken translation

Apparently, the CEO Pete Lau’s version of the slides had stated that the 2019 OnePlus will be “one of the first” 5G phones based on the 855 chip, however, an incorrect translation to English slides changed it to “the first” 5G phone.

But all is not lost as reports say Europe will see the first 5G-enabled phone made by OnePlus, while Samsung will take the honour in USA.

There are also reports that the 5G phone might not be OnePlus 7 and may be launched as a seperate product line though the expected price tag is targeted to be below $1,000.

One Plus’ history of embarrasments

Surprisingly this is not the first time that OnePlus has face such public embarassment.

OnePlus had previously had attackers steal credit card details of 40,000 users. And even the ardent fans were left fuming when OnePlus admitted to transmitting personally identifieable information to OnePlus’s servers without permission from the users.

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