CS:GO is free now on Steam (also has Battle Royale)

CS GO Gameplay
CS GO is free to play and download from Valve Steam
  • CS:GO is free to download and play from Valve
  • It also includes a Battle Royale mode

In a move that is sure to delight fans, Valve has made the CS GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) free to download and play on Steam.

The popular game which was launched 19 years ago based on a mod on Half-Life has seen several versions over the years with CS:GO being the most popular in recent times due to its remastered graphics and other features.

CS GO Steam
You can download CS:GO via Steam for free

Counter-Strike has always been a fan favourite due to its engaging gameplay, multiplayer modes and low graphics requirement, however its popularity has dwindled in last year after PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds (PUBG) took off and popularised the Battle Royal mode. And taking a cue from popular games like Fortnite & PUBG, CS:GO has added a battle royale mode also.

Welcome to the Danger Zone

CS:GO Danger Zone
Introducing Danger Zone

Danger Zone is the battle royale mode that has been introduced in CS:GO where you can play solo or as a team of two to three. It also introduces a Danger Zone Case that features 17 community-designed weapon finishes, Horizon knives among other things as rare special items.

While the game is free to play a $15 upgrade will elevate the account to Prime Status, the existing players will also see their accounts upgraded to Prime Status.

Like earlier, players with Prime Status are matched with Prime Status players and it gives access to the new Souvenier MP5-SF and also the new Danger Zone case.

To play, download CS:GO now from Steam.

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