What did people search on Google in 2018?

Google Search Trends 2018
Google Search Trends 2018

“Googling” is a verb that is understood by almost everybody that you may know and our dependency has come to such state that we can’t imagine not being able to “Google” the smallest of the things.

What’s the score? “Google it”. Which celebrity is dating whom? “Google it”, almost everything can be Googled, which begs the question! What have people been Googling in 2018? Take a look.

Top Searched Words

Unsurprisingly, this being a FIFA World Cup year, the top searched word was “World Cup”
1) World Cup
2) Avicii
3) Mac Miller
4) Stan Lee
5) Black Panther

Top Searched People

The Royal Wedding took the honours with Meghan Markle the top searched person.

1) Meghan Markle
2) Demi Lovato
3) Sylvester Stallone
4) Logan Paul
5) Khloé Kardashian

Top Searched Movies

The acclaimed Black Panther beat Deadpool 2 to the top spot

1) Black Panther
2) Deadpool 2
3) Venom
4) Avengers: Infinity War
5) Bohemian Rhapsody

Top Searched News

Again, the FIFA World Cup takes the top spot.

1) World Cup
2) Hurricane Florence
3) Mega Millions Result
4) Royal Wedding
5) Election Results

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