Facebook bug exposed 7 million users’ photos

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Facebook has taken a beating recently

In what seems to have become a routine, Facebook has taken a beating after revealing that they suffered another major privacy breach potentially affecting 7 million users.

According to a announcement, a software bug had exposed the photos including pictures that were not posted yet, and that upto 1,500 third party apps had acces to “a broader set of photos than usual”.

Facebook stated they will inform affected users via a Facebook alert.

Facebook bug exposed 7 million users' photos 1
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Facebook confirmed the bug allowed access to photos that were share on Marketplace and Stories. It also impacted photos that people uploaded to Facebook but chose not to post. There photos are ones which users upload but don’t finish posting, in which case Facebook stores it for 3 days.

The social media giant has also recommender its users to log into any apps with access to Facebook photos to check which photos they have access to.

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