Facebook Messenger has new tricks up its sleeve

Delete Messeges now available on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has ramped up its effort to increase the adoption of Messenger, as reported earlier, first by doing a complete redesign of the Messenger 4 app, and now it has added several new features.

Selfie Mode

Selfie mode will allow you to take photos and videos with the focus on your face and the background blurred. Facebook claims the portrait styled photos taken with Selfie Mode will have “perfect lighting, perfect angle, and, perfect moment.

Boomerang Mode

Boomerang mode, which Messenger 4 is copying from Instagram (also owned by Facebook) is when a short video plays forward and then backwards and then repeats.

Animated and interactive stickers powered by AR

The stickers in Messenger just surpassed everything else, it is now interactive, and driven by AR. So if you select a sticker and record with your camera, it will automatically place the animated sticker in the video.

Create Polls

You can create polls in a group in Messenger 4, a feature which Whatsapp users have been clamouring for.

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