China backed hackers tried hacking HPE, IBM.

IBM Hack
IBM & HPE were hacked by Chinese

In an explosive revelation, Reuters reports that Chinese Government backed hackers attempted to hack the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and IBM networks, and used the the breack to steal clients’ data.

The attacks were part of a program by Chinese Ministry of State Security codenamed Cloudhopper.

Cloudhopper program targets IT & IT Enabled Service (IT/ITES) providers who provide managed services to a multitude of clients including Government and sensitive firms, e.g. Nuclear Energy Corporations, and defence contractors. The program has targeted sut IT/ITES providers for years, however, other firms that were breached haven’t been identified yet.

A Reuters report stated that its sources confirm that both IBM and HPE were breached.
Both IBM and HPE have declined to confirm that their security was breached.

This marks the second such instance in recent times, following the charging of two Chinese nationals by US over their alleged hacking operation, where Chinese Ministry of State Security has authorised groups to conduct widescale cyber espionage.

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