Oneplus 6T Camera almost on DxOMark top 10 list

Oneplus 6T Low light Amsterdam
Low light shot taken on the Oneplus 6T in Amsterdam

DxOMark recently released their review about Oneplus 6T. Giving it a score of 98. This puts it marginally at 11th spot alongside the Google Pixel 2 which shares the same score.

Speaking of camera quality, first thing comes to mind is the phone’s ability to take shots at night or indoors where there is low to medium lighting conditions. Below are couple of low light shots for viewing just in case you are wondering about the Oneplus 6T’s low light capabilities.

Oneplus 6T Low light shot
A low light shot from the Oneplus 6T of a Dutch Canal
Oneplus 6T Low light shot
Another picture taken with the Oneplus 6T

In our opinion Oneplus should get rid of the secondary lens and replace it with something more useful such as a wide angle lens. At the current price of the 6T, Oneplus should ideally provide an International Protection (IP) of some sort as well.

We would like to highlight the slowness between switching photo – video mode, which we found in out usage of the Oneplus 6T. This should be fixed by Oneplus via an OTA firmware update but that depends on their acceptance of this problem.

Please share your opinion in comments, about the quality of Oneplus 6T’s camera if you are an owner. For more detail about DxOMark’s review of the OP6T view their post on their website here.

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