Microsoft plans to give users control of their data

Microsoft Bali
Microsoft is doing opposite of what other tech firms are

While technology firms like Facebook, etc. are grappling with data privacy issues, Microsoft wants to empower the users and give them control of their data collected online through a project code named “Bali”.

ZDNet was the first to pick up the details of the project via a tweet from “Longhorn”.

The project which sounds like too good to be true, is in private beta, is inaccesible to wider public but “Longhorn” did publish a pic show it’s legitimate.

Project Bali
Project Bali webpage is inaccessible as of now
Credit: @Longhorn/Twitter

The project works on a concept of “Inverse Privacy”, which ZDNet highlighted was subject of a paper by Microsoft Research team consisting of Yuri Gurevish, Efim Hudis, and Jeanette M. Wing.

Data is inversely private if someone else has it but the user doesn’t similar to information that is held by police authories, healthcase providers, etc., and the paper deals with how to reduce inversely privacy to a minimum.

The project is currently in early stages and a release date to general public is not known yet.

Via ZDNet

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