Samsung unveils future of TV with a variable size 75″-219″ TV

Samsung Wall
Sansung unveild 2 models, a 75" and a mammonth 219" TVs

Samsung, as we thought they might, went big and unveiled what is likely going to the trend for the next generation of televisions, a 75-inch and a mammoth 219-inch 4K modular MicroLED TV named “The Wall”.

Samsung made the reveal at the ongoing First Look CES in Las Vegas.

In fact the 146-inch version was launched last year’s CES, however, this year they have demonstrated new combination of sizes.

“The Wall” televisions are controlled via a tablet which allows users to search and display content.

Samsung unveils future of TV with a variable size 75"-219" TV 1
“The Wall” being controlled via a dedicated tablet
(c) Samsung

Modular nature of The Wall means you can customise the size as needed

The Wall is made up of Micro LED which is modular in nature, meaning the consumer has flexibility in screen size and allows them to customise to fit any room or space by adding Micro LED Modules. The bezel-less Micro LD be added without any borders between two modules.

Samsung claims that the Micro LED technology can scale the content to increase the resolution while keeping the pixel density constant and also supports standard 16:9 aspect ratio to 21:9 widescreen displays.

The Wall Sizes
Samsung’s The Wall can be customised as per the size requirements
(c) Samsung

MicroLED can deliver picture quality similar to OLED and has a longer lifespan than OLED.

So far, Samsung has not revealed the price or release dates for the TVs.

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