Website of Indian PM Narendra Modi hacked briefly

Narendra Modi website hacked, as claimed by Elliot Alderson
The researcher claimed to have full database access

In a stunning revelation, a French security researcher, who goes by the name of Elliot Alderson on Twitter, claimed that Indian PM Narendra Modi’s website was hacked by an anonymous source.

Narendra Modi Hack fs0c131y
The researcher also goes by the moniker of (fs0c131y) FSOCIETY

The French researcher who became famous for exposing the security flaws of several Indian apps and websites, including that of Aadhar, and Kimbho a home-grown messaging app touted as alternative to WhatsApp.

In a tweet to addressed to the official Twitter handle of Narendra Modi, the researcher states that, ” an anonymous source uploaded a txt file containing my name on your websites in realtime. He also have a full access to your database”, and encourage his team to reach out to him in private and start a security audit.

Narendra Modi team reached out to Elliot Alderson resolve the breach

According to a reply to his own tweet, the France based security researcher claimed that he new the team of Narendra Modi was watching his tweets and a contact has been initiated.

According to the Elliot Alderson, the team of Narendra Modi reached out to know about the hack
According to the Elliot Alderson, Narendra Modi’s team reached out

While details of the hack were not published, but the researcher claimed that the hack was not perpetrated by him and that the issue affected the staging subdomain which is not the current staging server being used by the website of Narendra Modi.

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