An Egg has beaten Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record

Egg beats Kylie Jenner's Instagram record
This stock photo of an egg is the most like post on Instagram now

In a turn of events that can only happen on the internet, a normal photo of an egg became the most liked photo on Instagram beating Kylie Jenner’s record-breaking Instagram post of her daughter.

What makes it even more bizarre and funny is that there is nothing special about the egg. Absolutely nothing, it’s just an egg. A very normal egg.

Don’t believe us? See below.

The egg had already got 30 million like so far beating Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record of 18 million likes by some distance, and it doesn’t seem to be done yet.

The team behind the post who call themselves “Egg Gang” have made only 1 post, of the egg, with the intent to make it the most like picture on Instagram.

Nothing else is known about the yet.

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