Moto RAZR is coming back, as a foldable phone

Moto RAZR relaunch
Before iPhones, there was Moto RAZR

The iconic Moto RAZR phone which used to be “the status symbol” before iPhone came along, is poised to make a comeback as a foldable phone.

Motorola seems to be banking on the RAZR’s popularity and foldable display technology such as that launched by Samsung, gives Motorola a brilliant opportunity to redesign and relaunch the RAZR phone.

Motorola is partnering exclusively with Verizon in USA and the phone can be launched as soon as this February, however, it is expected to cost a whopping $1,500.

Third attempt to resurrect Moto RAZR

Despite of the Moto RAZR’s popularity and especially the success of RAZR v3i, Motorola was never able to build on it due to the rise of Android phones and larger screens that made flip-phones useless.

The subsequent models didn’t do well but Motorala did try, with the Android based Droid RAZR.

However, they would be hoping for a better outcome this time since they have an iconic name and an emerging technology in foldable display which they can upon and resurrect Moto RAZR.

Via: XDA

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