WhatsApp will limit message sharing to fight fake news

WhatsApp will limit message sharing to fight fake news 1

WhatsApp has announced that a user will be able to forward messges to only 5 contacts in a bid to stop fake news from going spreading and going viral.

This reduces the earlier limit where users could forward a messages to 20 contacts and will be applicable for all WhatsApp users across the globe. WhatsApp had introduced a similar policy in India after a wave of criticism related to use of the social media app in sharing fake inciteful messages that resulted in several mob lynchings.

The policy change in India was implemented after the Government warned of legal consequences if no action was taken proactively to stop the spread of fake news.

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Social media has increasingly contributed to spread in fake news leading to instance of violences
including the Rohingya genocide in Burma

WhatsApp has made the announcement ahead of the Indonesian elections, however, it may also be thinking ahead towards the General Elections in India, the world’s largest democracy.

WhatsApp, the largest social media app, also announced that it will remove the quick forward button for images and videos.

The changes are part of its long term plan of steps to reduce the spread of fake news.

Source: BBC News

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