Xiami unveils a foldable phone that can bend both ways

Xiaomi foldable phone
(c) Xiaomi / Weibo

Samsung had launched its own foldable phone a few weeks ago, and of course, Xiaomi wouldn’t be left too far behind. The Chinese giant went one step ahead and have revealed a concept phone that can fold either side.

Xiaomi Foldable phone
The phone can be bent from both ends
Credit: Xiaomi/Weibo

Billed as the world’s first double folding phone it will take on the like of Samsung and Motorola who are also working on foldable phones with Samsung ready to launch shortly.

The concept was revealed on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, by Lin Bin who is one of the co-founder of Xiaomi.

At this point there is no apparent benefit of the three-way setup, instead, it would seemingly make the phone even more delicate with another major point of failure.

No other detail has emerged yet about the specifications or approximate release date.

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