Meizu Zero has no physical buttons or ports

Meizu Zero
Meizu Zero has zero holes

Meizu Zero, the latest phone debuted by Meizu is taking minimalism to the extreme by not having any physical buttons or holes for speakers, USB ports, or speaker jacks.

It uses capacitive touch panels, similar to those under the display in some phones, to function as the buttons for both power and volume which provides haptic feedback.

While the display doubles up as the speaker using ‘mSound 2.0’ a proprietary technology developed by Meizu which is similar to the ones used by Xiaomi in Mi Mix.

Meizu Zero does not even have USB port or SIM slot

Meizu Zero IP68
Meizu Zero is IP68 dust and water resistant

That’s right, Meizu attempt to build the world’s first non-porous phone means it does not have a USB port for charging and instead using a 18W wireless charging mechanism, which incidentally is one the fastest wireless chargers around.

The SIM slot is replaced by an eSIM, while the headphone jack is removed and will need a Bluetooth headphone.

The display uses 6-inch QH OLEN, recently made popular by Samsung at CES, and comes with a 20MP + 12MP front camera and 20 MP selfie camera.

Reportedly is will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and will not be 5G enabled.

Details around price and release dates are not known yet.

Meizu Zero Charger
Meizu Zero uses a 18W wireless charging mechanism

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