Chrome planning changes that could disable ad-blockers

Chrome ad-blocker
Planned Changes to Chrome would mean more ads for users

Developers of ad-blocker browser extensions warn that several Chrome API updates planned by Google may harm the functioning of ad-blockers.

The developer of Ghostery, a popular ad-blocking software, stated ” This would basically mean that Google is destroying ad-blocking and privacy protection as we know it, ” in a statement to Gizmodo.

While Google maintains the proposed changes are to protect privacy and that they are “draft” while they will work with the developers to finalise the changes, the developers warn that users will be left with limited methods to prevent third parties from tracking their behaviour and bombarding with ads.

Developers are also considering legal action against Google if they proceed with the changes alleging anti-trust activities and abuse of market dominance.

Heart of the issue in planned changes in Chrome

The key change that is the centre of the dispute is Google’s planned changes to Chrome API that would stop browser extensions from changing the data they receive from the websites, which the ad-blocking software will be able to detect an ad but stop it from displaying. This ability is also used by ad-blockers to scripts that track the users.

Another developer from AdGuard, an ad-blocker software, wrote on the Chromium discussion list, that ” from our perspective, the proposed change will be even more crippling to all ad blockers than what was done by Apple when they introduced their declarative content blocking API.”

Google has deleting several comments on the discussion.

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