Facebook Moments is shutting down on Feb 25

Facebook Moments shutting down
Facebook gives up on Moments

Remember Facebook Moments? If you’re answer is no, you are in majority.

Facebook has confirmed to CNET that Moments app is being shut down on Feb 25 due to its low adoption.

Even though Facebook is the largest social media, the Moment app which is designed to save and share images, similar to Google Photos, never really took off almost 4 years later since its release in 2015.

A moment of silence for Facebook Moments

Facebook Moments shutting down
Facebook Moments was desiged to make it easier for peopel to share their photos or collections

Moments follows several recent Facebook made apps that were shutdown due to low usage. A phenomena repeating over an over again and which has resulted in Facebook acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp to ensure it doesn’t lose out in the ever changing Social Media landscape.

Also the fact that Moments didn’t offer anything addtional to any of the existing apps that people were using for this purpose, e.g. Google Photos, didn’t help its cause. The user were presented with an option to continue using what they already know or switch to something else that was same with the hassle of learning it from scratch.

Moments users will have to retrieve their photos from apps

Facebook has set up a dedicated page to help users download their data before the app shuts down. It gives them an option to either create a private album of facebook or download it on the device being used.

You can go to the Export You Moments webpage to download or move your data to Facebook.

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