Snapchat might make the posts permanent

Snapchat permanent snaps
Your public "Snaps' might become permanent soon

Snapchat made its name for the ability for users to send posts, called ‘snaps’, and delete them after a few seconds of viewing. That may be about to change!

According to an exclusive report by Reuters, Snapchat is considering changes to the app that could make the public snaps permanent. The company, according to the report may also unhide the identities of Snapchat users making the public posts.

Snapchat changes permanent posts
Will the teens still use Snapchat?

This marks a major deviation from Snapchat’s USP, which became popular in due to its disappering posts, which made it handy for teens and millenials, albeit arguably for all wrong purposes.

The changes might only impact the “Stories” section and reflects Snapchat’s desperate attempts to become cash positive. Snapchat has lost 60% of their value since its IPO 2 years ago.

Snapchat which recently started extending the duration of public stories is considering the move to help news discovery platforms that use Snapchat stories to publish content.

The move might also be following other social media apps that allow firms access to content for various purposes and hopes to gain more advertising revenue by having the posts last longer and hoping the advertisers pay more for it.

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