Google+ is shutting down: What you need to do

Google Plus is shutting down

Google+, the last (read latest) attempt at social media by Google, will no longer be available after 2nd April.

The beleaguered social media platform has had a rough time in recent days with a massive data breach that led to Google accelerating the sunset timelines, which means everything on Google+ will be deleted, including posts, pages, etc.

We don’t think you are using Google+ , however, if you are (who are you kidding), we help you with everything that you need to know about the shutdown.

Why is Google+ being shut down?

Mostly for the fact that no one uses Google+. Even though there are billions of Google+ profile, not a lot of people use it due to the fact that Google forcibly create an account for anybody that registers with a Google account. E.g. if you have a gmail account, it is likely that you also have a Google+ account.

Of course, this mean there are a lot of profiles but lot of profiles does not mean lots of users and enagement. This means Google has to manage, maintain and protect the data on Google+. And that costs a lot of money.

Google figured, they’re better off limiting their costs and avoiding potential lawsuits in future if any data breach occur.

What does Google+ being shut down mean, what wil disappear?

It means all the data on Google+ will be deleted. Everything. All pages, photos, videos, albums on Google+.

However, it will not affect any other Google products that you may be using. E.g. your if you have photos on Google+ they will be deleted, however, if you have photos on Google Photos, they will remain as-is.

Should you care about Google+ shutting down?

Depends on if you are using it, it is possible you have just created you profile while signing up for some Google services. Google does create a Google+ acount for anyone who registers to use any product.

You can go to and check if you have a profile.

If you are not using Google+

You don’t need to do anything.

If you are using Google+ (again, who are you kidding?)

You need to visit this page to download all the data from Google+. Just follow the step by step instructions.

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