The colour of the ocean is changing

Colour if the ocean
Ocean is changing colour

Global warming is change the colour of the ocean according to a research by MIT which modelled the growth of phytoplankton species on a global scale based on increased temperatures across the world.

According to the study climate change is causing changes to the phytoplankton population in the oceans which will trigger a chain of events affecting the marine ecosystem and result in the changes in the hue.

The changes are not apparent at the moment, but satellites observing the ecosystem will detect the changes soon. The changes in colour will be a glum warning to massive-scale changes to the ocean’s marine ecosystem.

phytoplankton population changes will change the colour of the ocean
Phytoplanktons are indication of a healthy marine ecosystem

The simulation suggests that the blue regions will become bluer, while the green regions will become greener and the changes will impact over 50 per cent of the world’s ocean in by the turn of the century.

The sub-tropics which is blue will see the colour deepen due to the marine life becoming rarer while the green regions will become greener as the diverse population of phytoplankton booms.

According to Stephanie Dutkiewicz, the lead author of the research paper, the changes won’t be apparent to the naked eye. “That basic pattern will still be there. But it’ll be enough different that it will affect the rest of the food web that phytoplankton supports,” stated the principal research scientist.


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