Opera Browser on Android will now have free VPN

Opera Browser VPN
Opera for Android has a free VPN now

Opera Browser, a privacy focused browser by has added a free VPN to its Android version.

The desktop version of the browser already has a free embedded VPN that provides tunnel from 3 continenents, Asia, Americas, and Europe.

The feature has been added to the Android version of the popular privacy focused browser to provide an extra layer of protection. This would mean the users no longer have to rely on suspicious third-party free VPN apps like the one from Facebook which captured all of the users’ data, or several paid apps that some can’t afford.

The Opera for Android VPN addition will provide additional privacy for users on public Wi-Fi and also bypass government censored content.

Easy to use, hard on snoopers

Opera Browser VPN location selection

To enable the VPN you can just tap on “Settings” and activate the VPN. Once activated the Opera browser replaced the user’s IP with a virtual IP address making it extremely difficult (but not impossible) to track the location or the identity of the device.

The user also has an option to choose from 4 options as the location from where the virtual IP originates. The user can choose from either Europe, America, or Asia with the last option which automatically selects the optimal location.

The Opera’s VPN does not collect or store any information which ensures the private data is protected and private.

You can read more here at Opera Blog.

Download the beta version of the app from Play Store

Opera Browser on Android will now have free VPN 1
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