120 Million Facebook Accounts hacked

120 Million Facebook Accounts hacked 1
"Facebook" by Bhupinder Nayyar is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A group of hackers, allegedly from Russia, claim to have private data of 120 million Facebook accounts.

As  proof they have published the private messages from 81,0000 accounts.

A user, going by the name FBSaler on an internet forum, claimed to have personal information from 120 million accounts, including their personal chats.

The perpetrators told BBC Russian Service of the claim, though there are skepticism aroud the actual figures. And, apparently they are trying to sell that data for 10 cents (USD) per account, which totals to $12 million, though the advert has been taken offline since.

It appears the data was gathered through malicious browser extensions and Facebook claim their security has not been compromised.

The hack seems to have affected mostly users from Russia and Ukraine, however, some are from UK, US, Brazil, India, etc.

Who is to blame for the lapse?

The extension include utility apps like personal shopping helpers, puzzles, bookmarking apps, downloaders, etc.

This marks another blot on increasingly terrible year for Facebook battling several scandals.

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