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What is a launcher?

Android devices are extremely customisable, from the home screen, app drawers to widgets and icons can be customised significantly and as per an individual’s requirments.

A launcher is a app that replaces homescreen, app drawer and icons. There are hundreds of them on Google Play Store, and we reviews scores on them.

Eventually the top 5 was selected based on Editor’s choices and ranked by an algorithm that calculates the rating of the app based on user reviews, installs, rating and a few other factors (e.g. performance, size, etc.).

5. Smart Launcher 5 Ranked - Tops 5 Launchers for Android - 2018 2

Algorithm Rating – 4.20/5

Smart Launcher is focused on making phone easier to use by doing several tasks smartly e.g. Automatic App Sorting in categories, one handed mode, smart search, etc.

The launcher is slick and good looking with a clean interface, however, it is a resource hog, and it’s unique feature of app categorisation has wierd categories that requires some work to make them usable.

Pros – Smart Categorisations, Clean interface

Cons – Performance issues, has Ads, wierd categories

Overall, good looking and the most innovative launcher. Presence of Ads is a issue in the free version.

Editors Rating – 3/5

4. C Launcher Ranked - Tops 5 Launchers for Android - 2018 3

Algorithm Rating – 4.63/5

C Launcher is heavy on customisation, and themes and it achieves that without compromising on performance.

Howevere,  all of this means it’s not easy to use and can be a bit overwhelming.

Pros – Customisation, themeable

Cons – Difficult to use, has Ads

Overall a pretty neat launcher however presense of Ads makes it a strict no-no for some.

Editors Rating – 3.5/5

3. Evie Launcher Ranked - Tops 5 Launchers for Android - 2018 4

Algorithm Rating -4.09/5

Evie Launcher is built with performance as focus and it lives upto the claim. Clean, smooth interfance combined with ease of use makes it very appealing.

It has it’s own feed mechanism that provides news

But the performance comes at the cost of ability to customise.

Pros – Fast, clean interface

Cons – Lacks certain customisations, feed is sub-par compared to Google’s

Editor’s Rating – 4/5

2. Microsoft Launcher (Formerly Arrow Launcher) Ranked - Tops 5 Launchers for Android - 2018 5

Algorithm Rating – 4.26/5

Microsoft Launcher (Formerly Arrow Launcher) is built for professionals. With a crisp look and feel, it focuses on personalisation of the phone.

It has a dedicated page that acts as a dashboard of everything going on in the phone (recent apps, photos, calls, etc.) and the world (news feed).

A plethora of features, and customisation options does impact the performance

Pros – Personalised, customisation, feed is relevant

Cons – Performance issues on low end phones

Editor’s Rating – 4.5/5

And, finally, drum roll please !!

1. Nova Launcher Ranked - Tops 5 Launchers for Android - 2018 6

Algorithm Rating – 4.53/5

Nova launcher has stood the test of time, it presents a accomplished set of features, and provides the ability to customise the smallest detail on the home screen.

Focus on customisation means the default look can be plain and requires the user to play around and change the features to their liking.

And all of this without impacting the performance too much.

Pros – Highly customisable, good  performance, easy to use

Cons – Some features requires paid version

Editor’s Rating – 4.6/5

Other hourable mentions that didn’t make the cut:

And these launchers should never be installed (either due to lack of features, presence of ads, and performance issues that can cripple the phone to a standstill

  1. GoogleNow Launcher
  2. Apus Launcher
  3. GoLauncher

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