China based news agency has an AI anchor

China based news agency has an AI anchor

Chinese state run Xinhua News Agency has debuted has done a first, it has debuted an AI anchor to read live news.

The anchor, which look quite real, uses synthesized voices to “read” the news and is made of digitized composite faces.

These AI anchors can potentially change the way news is delivered as they are capable of working 24 hours a day, provided human editors, keep feeding the inputs (for now).

South China Morning Post reports that Xinhua said the achievement was a “breakthrough in the field of global AI synthesis”. Search engine operator Sogou, which also does research and development in AI, is providing the underlying technology for the project.

China building toward AI dominance

This marks another milestone in China’s dominance in the field of AI, with Chinese government planning to be the world leader in AI by 2030.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has in past publicly urged its people to use AI in race for technology future and stated that China must develop and control AI in its quest for technological dominance.

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