Update Android apps without closing it

Google's In-App Update

During the frantic frenzy of Samsung’s gala SDC event and it’s launch of Infinity Display, foldable phone, etc, a parallel event of similar (if not equal) importance is being held, the Android Dev Summit.

Several important announcements were made, the key ones being; official Android support for foldable phones, and that you can now update Android apps without the need to close it first.

Update Android apps without closing it 1

In-App Updates to provide two options for the developers

The In-app Updates API will have two options, either a full-screen experience for critical updates or the flexible update option.

It definitely makes it easier for users who don’t want to exit an app or lazily not go to Play Store to trigger the updates, to apply the latest updates.

Android is currently testing the new API and will launch it to all developers soons.

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